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BPI offers three assessments tailored to your company's specific needs.  The standard turnaround time is 48 hours (weekends excluded) or "Rush" service turnaround time is 24 hours (weekend excluded) for an additional fee.

Mini Assessment:  $75

The Mini Assessment contains categorized traits and a summary of work related traits.  It can be best utilized to determine the most qualified candidates from numerous applicants applying for the same position.

Full Assessment:  $125 *

The Full Assessment contains an in-depth personality profile which includes categorized traits such as:

Motivating Forces Intellectual Style Management Style
Personal Dynamics Communication Style Sales Style
Ego Strengths Interpersonal Style Possible Retention Risks
Defenses & Controls Work Style

In addition, this assessment contains an overall success potential page summarizing the following areas:

Organization Sociability Work Ethic
Initiatives Integrity Adaptability

Compatibility Assessment:  $75 *

The Compatibility Assessment is available to determine the compatibility between two or more people and how they will relate to each other.   Each person must have had a Full Assessment previously completed.

* Volume discounts are available.

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