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Are you hiring the right people for the right positions?   


How well do they match up with your company's core values?  


If they have the skills, do they also have the attitude, drive and integrity to get the job done?  


Are you looking for a more cost effective tool to recruit, manage or motivate employees? 


In today's competitive business environment, most companies are finding it necessary to increase productivity with fewer people and are not in a position to risk the financial loss that can be the result of a poorly selected employee.  The need to find and employ the best people is essential to overall company productivity.  Many employers want to know a candidate's personality type to ensure an appropriate job match.  Some want to know before they hire a candidate, before they promote an employee, and before they create work teams.


Personnel Screening and Personnel Selection using Behavioral Profiling


Behavioral Profiling International (BPI) offers the most in-depth, cost effective human resource tool management can use to gain knowledge and insight for pre-employment personnel selection and screening, as well as personnel assessment and training.  We believe that professionals do not pass or fail, but should be selected for the job that matches their individual personality traits.


BPI's Behavioral Profiling method is an invaluable personnel tool used by many successful organizations in personnel screening, selection, assessment and training.  It has been proven to be reliable, objective, non-discriminating, non-intimidating and a cost effective human resource tool available for businesses.

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